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Active Diode is the LED light company of Wang House Limited. Wang House has a 25 year long reputation in the lighting business, mainly manufacturing power supplies and light drivers for LED and Quartz Halogen type lighting. The LED drivers have become the largest share of the business, so we feel we can add value in the actual LED light industry. At the moment we are focused on industrial and commercial lighting, as that is the area with our strongest power supply penetration and distribution chain. Wang House power supplies are used with all Active Diode products. Powering is the key component in an LED fixture, and we are proud to have our Wang House name on any power supply we build. Normally our designs are for the middle output range as this provides the best combination of performance, quality, and reliability. We take into consideration EMI, overcurrent, undercurrent and surge suppression, they are not your typical off the shelf power source.


We maintain over 60 UL files with many (up to 18) items under each file, this inventory of intellectual property means our quality is always up to standards. UL verifies almost weekly one or another file. The quality standards are most stringent and without compromise. Of course, this means you can rest assured that we have the correct test equipment in proper maintenance to perform the UL tests during their visits or yours. We sell under the UL, CUL and RU marks as appropriate. We can co-list the UL number if you are an OEM customer for a small annual fee to UL. That way if a customer were to look up the actual UL file number, it would reflect the co-listed company details. Should you have a specific qualification requirement, please feel free to ask, we can do TUV, CE, CCC etc… as required.


Active Diode has an inhouse engineering staff, drafting department, and tool and die shop. Many of our customers are OEM / ODM using their brands and/or design ideas. We treat such relationships confidentially. As we do sometimes get requests from end customers to refer to our distribution channel, you can decide if that referral should be made to your distributorship or not. If you are selling Active Diode branded product, we will, of course, make such referrals and list you as a distributor of our product, with your permission.


We use genuine certified CREE and Philips LED chips or COB’s from a reliable supply chain. We can use others upon request or if there is some compelling reason to use another. For example, we have found a self-regulating diode from YKT that is capable of dimming itself if the temperature becomes too high preventing both driver and diode burnout in extreme applications. We do not change chips by production run. Once the model is designed with a component, it takes a full engineering request order (ERO) to redesign the product to an alternate LED or other subcomponent. Revisions or changes are tracked infinitely, using an ISO 9001 based system. The component supply chain is filled with alternate and counterfeit product, we perform due diligence to ensure we are delivering a quality device every time. As the supply chain is also often oversold, any feedback or forecasts from your side will help us to ensure the correct parts are on hand or available when they are needed. We utilize an ERP system to help with stock and production management, so your forecasts get planned in and prepared for production to provide the best lead time possible.


Our products are designed, not just put together, as such specifications are determined during the engineering process, and not something that will change easily. We share information as requested except where such information is being used to reverse engineer or copy the product. We will work very hard to earn your trust, many of our customers have been around for all 25+ years. We work with distributors as partners and feel the treatment should be reciprocal. Choosing a manufacturer is not something done lightly, so we expect to keep earning your business for the long term.


Our channel to the market has been through some well-known medium sized distributors. We do not sell direct to end customers as a manufacturing company cannot properly service the end customer. Producing “short” runs is not a problem, but when the quantity gets too small the overhead costs prevent a reasonable price. To this end we rely on distributors to buy sufficient quantity to have stock on hand for their end customers.


We normally offer spares at shipment for warranty replacement and ask that the failed units be returned. Once we have a working stock of refurbished units of your style and brand, the spares may be refurbished product, clearly marked as such. Everything is 100% QC checked as a component level coming in and product level pre shipment so DOA’s are not shipped and failures should be minimal. We expect to have no DOA’s and less than 3% return of in warranty product. Active Diode understands the cost of failures and does it’s very best to prevent all of them. Generally, we offer a 5-year warranty, if a problem arises, we are behind you.


You are welcome to visit our manufacturing facilities in Zhongshan China, just a short hop from Hong Kong by ferry, even direct from the Hong Kong airport.